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As a small business owner you are, of necessity, an expert in many areas of business. But technology may NOT be one of them. In today's competitive business environment, however, you must depend more and more on technology to stay in the game.

That's where Techkat Technical Services comes in! We have brought many of today's essential technical services together into one convenient place at some of the best prices available anywhere.

Our goal is to provide you with a convenient source for web services, hardware, software and business building tools that are easy to use and affordable. Added to this, is superior customer service - Techkat style. Now that is a great value for you!

Web Services

Techkat has all the essential web services that small businesses need at some of the best prices available on the web today. What is more, each one comes backed by Techkat's top notch customer service. Among our offerings are:

  • Domain Registration
  • Website hosting
  • Shopping Cart
  • Online Website Creation Tool
  • Web site traffic generation
  • And Lots More

Web Design Templates

Select from more than 3,000 pre-designed templates. For business, hobby or personal interest sites, these designs are professionally done and fully commented for easy customization. All graphics and Flash files are included.

Don't have time to build your own web site? Techkat will be happy to do the customization for you. Just Contact Us for an estimate.

Custom Web Design

Our Custom Web Designs are created individually for the needs of your business. Our web designers will work with you to create just the right look and just the message you want to present to your customers.

We will work with your graphics and colors, or we can design graphics and a color pallette for you.

After all, you have a business to run. Let us do the tech stuff for you.

View our Portfolio or Contact Us for an Estimate


One of the best ways to maximize the dollars you already have invested in business technology is to make sure your equipment is maintained regularly and retool older equipment to extend its useful life.

Among the hardware services we provide are:

  • Computer Repairs & Upgrades
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Network Design and Installation
  • Software installation and configuration

Business Builders

Business Builders are a collection of services and tools that will help small business owners discover new ways to make your business more responsive to your customers and more profitable for you. Among the Business Builders are:

  • Telecommunications Services
  • Software
  • International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE)
  • Mining Gold on the Internet

Techkat Toyz

Cool stuff at great prices for the "geek" in all of us.

Everyone, especially those of us who own our own business, needs some time away from "the shop" -- time to relax, refresh, reflect and enjoy the world around us. Techkat Toyz is a collection of electronics, home theater, computer accessories, car audio and video and other items chosen specifically to help you meet that need.


Do you have questions about our services? Are you interested in a quote for Custom Web Design? We invite you to Contact Us today to ask your question or send us your feedback.

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